8 Meowrveleous Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

There are no boundaries to cat whiskers and cat ears on everyday objects. For us, the self-acclaimed cat-lovers, having a T-shirt with the furry feline or a mug with some sassy whiskers is a kind reminder of how lovely these ancient animals are. Although such customized items are all over the place, here we tried to enlist a unique spectrum of cat-objects. Since your friend plausibly already has a cat T-shirt or mug, diversifying could only bring more happiness to a cat-lover, who probably wishes to customize their entire life with a cat filter.

Without further ado, we invite you to take a look at our list of customized cat gifts that any cat lover would die to have. From tea sets to purses and shoes, we attempted to cover a diverse list of meowrveleous gifts.

Gifts for your cat-lover friend

1. Tea Set

Whether you opt for a “tea for one” set or a larger kit, the designs are variations of the same theme, which is the furry purrfect feline. Moreover, if you know your friend to be an Asian culture lover too, you can purchase a Japanese tea set, thus, killing two birds with one stone.

2. Cooking Gloves by Grevy

Your friend doesn’t have to be a kitchen addict to love the idea of a pair of paw-like cooking gloves. Besides, you don’t have to know how to bake to wear mittens just because they look strikingly cute.

3. Kate Spade Cat Purse

We aimed high with this option since Kate Spade Cat Purseis known to design the most awe-inspiring cat bags. Although this gift is somewhat pricier, we assure you that it would be an investment in a lifetime friendship.

4. Cat-shaped wine holder

Tooarts sells the loveliest wine holder that we’ve seen lately. Whether your friend is a wine collector or is someone who owns a single bottle of wine and never drinks it, a cat-shaped wine holder could only add value to a fine bottle of wine.

5. Cat Flats

A pair of flats with cat ears and whiskers might be the winning lottery since they are both comfortable and easy to transport when going on holiday. Moreover, there are chances that, with a pair of customized cat shoes, you could complete a top-bottom cat outfit for your friend.

6. Cat Neck Pillow

There’s no better environment than a relaxed cozy evening to reflect at the highlights of the day while wearing a cat neck pillow. Whether traveling or chilling on the sofa, a cat lover could only aspire to such a purrfect treat.

7. Cat Headphones

A pair of colorful cat-ear headphones is the ultimate cat-lover accessory. Imagine listening to your favorite song while knowing that you’re the closest you can get to a feline-like look.

8. Cat Phone Case

Since your friend probably has a large collection of them, you might want to do some deep research on cat phone cases before you proceed to buy a model. However, there’s seemingly no end to variations on this furry theme, so your friend might add up another invaluable phone case to her collection.

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