What are the best toys for pitbulls?

Dogs are perhaps the most popular pets in the world. There is nothing quite like the love of a dog, their loyalty, and their excitement every time they meet you. However, every dog is its own unique animal, and you need to learn to acknowledge and respect their personalities and character traits. Some breeds tend to have common traits that most of the dogs of the same breed share, and perhaps one of the most common examples of this is what happens pitbulls.

These dogs are amazingly energetic, and they are known for their chiseled physique and their incredible strength. Inevitably, this makes them more prone to playing rough and being more unintentionally destructive than their owners would like, particularly during their first couple of years when they tend to chew on things a lot and be more playful overall. For this reason, we are going to take a look at some of the best and most durable toys for pitbulls, so stick around to learn more about the best options in toys for you and your dog.

Chewing bone

The first item on this list is a classic, and one of the first toys you should get your dog. As it starts to become an adult dog, it gets the urge to chew on things. To keep your pitbull from completely destroying your shoes and other rubbery belongings that may satisfy that urge, the best thing is to get him something that will. What best choice than a bone? The best bones are layered and textured for extra durability, which is something that you definitely want considering how voracious pitbulls can be at times.

Rope tug

Among the best pitbull toys you will always find toys that take aim at exploiting precisely their strength and fondness for rough games. One of these and also one of the most common is a rope tug, of which there are many different types. Some of the best are beneficial for your dog in more than one way because the thread from the rope serves to floss your dog while it plays with you as you tug the rope. Ideally, you want a rope that is long enough so you can play more comfortably and get a better grip at it when your dog starts playing for real.

Chew ring

Chew rings are some of the most popular toys for dogs regardless of their breed. However, for pitbulls on every stage of their development, the chew ring is a very versatile toy. They come in different models and types, but some of the best stand above the rest because they come with an inner marker that tells you when your dog has chewed too much already.

Rubber ball

Lastly, rubber balls are an essential toy to teach your pittie some of the most basic games for dogs. Training a pitbull pup to fetch the ball is much easier when the ball won’t deflate as soon as he gets to it, so make sure that the ball you pick is made out of rubber and is resistant enough, similar to the chew ring. These balls are usually the best kind to get because they have a fair amount of bounce and also float on water.

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