Deodorants for kids: Yay or Nay?

Deodorants are odor controlling substances applied on the body to eliminate, reduce or mask bad breath. Most people do apply deodorants so that they can have a good smell especially in public platforms. It is natural to sweat since it is a way through which our body gets rid of excessive substances from the body that may be toxic to the body if they accumulate to large amounts.

Due to this fact there is the necessity to control the sweating so that it can take place at the right time and the right place. As a result the necessity of deodorant in our lives is realized.

Even though deodorants are recommended for the use they do have both positive and negative impacts to kids. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of deodorants on kids’ lives.

Advantages of deodorants on kids

Deodorants help create confidence in kids. Most kids do gain confidence from the way they are received and perceived by their fellows. As a result of deodorant application they do have a good scent. This in return makes them attractive to their fellows. The kids gain pride in their relationship with others and do have confidence as they carry out their duties. In the contrary kids who have bad breath tend to shy off when interacting with others since they are perceived to be inferior and of a lower class compared to the rest.

Second deodorants help reduce sweat quantity in kids. At a tender age most kids are very active and do love to participate in different games. As a result of the vigorous activities of the day their sweat accumulates to high levels leading to bad breath and wetness to the kids. Deodorants offer a solution by helping in reducing the level of sweat accumulation. As a result the wetness and odor of the kid is controlled.

Disadvantages of deodorants on kids

Deodorants do have negative impacts to kids who use them as follows. First of all, deodorants are blamed for skin sensitivity. Kids who apply deodorants may develop itchy skin especially under their armpits where the agent is mostly applied. As a result of the itching the skin becomes red due irritation. The irritation is mostly caused by some ingredient of the deodorant that included crystal deodorants and baking soda based formulas. In addition, some kids may be allergic to specific substances. Allergic skins tend to be sensitive to the deodorant creating discomfort to the kid.

Solid deodorants often create marks on clothing. Use of solid deodorants leaves white marks on the kids clothing especially on black clothes. These marks are noticeable and lower the kids confidence since every one turns their attention on their clothes thinking that they were not thoroughly cleaned. These marks are so embarrassing even though they are harmless to the kids.

Lastly, deodorants may contain ingredients that may affect the hormone functioning in the body. A good example is triclosan ingredient that is mostly used in the manufacture of the deodorants as a preservative. Despite it being declared safe by FDA scientific research has proved that it may affect the hormone functioning if used in large quantities. This may affect the functioning of a kid leading to diseases.

In conclusion, deodorants do serve an important role in helping promote the hygiene of kids. This is mostly through preventing the unpleasant smell that comes as a result of sweat. They also help to neutralize and mask body odor.

As a result deodorant producing companies should use ingredients that will best serve the consumer of their goods carefully. By doing so they have helped realize the goal of the creating safe deodorants for kids.